E-scooter rider who collided with child among 21 banned in trial

Great Yarmouth's e-scooter trial has been a hailed a success after nearly 10,000 people registered to use them.

The Ginger e-scooter trial is looking to expand to include up to 450 vehicles. - Credit: Great Yarmouth Borough Council

Some 21 users have been banned from using e-scooters during a trial scheme in Great Yarmouth, new figures reveal.

Since the borough's partnership with Ginger Scooters started in March last year there have been two serious incidents where someone needed medical treatment.

And one user was banned after they failed to stop after colliding with a six-year-old child on a bike.

Overall, however, the trial is being hailed a success with relatively few complaints or incidents given the ever-increasing take-up and demand for more vehicles to be deployed.

Figures provided by Great Yarmouth Borough Council show that from its launch in March 2021 to December 15 the number of registered riders had reached 11,300 who between them travelled 121,000 miles - almost five times round the world.

A total of 52,800 journeys were made, each taking an average of 35 minutes across an average distance of 2.4 miles.

The average Great Yarmouth rider has taken five rides with Ginger Scooters - the most active using a scooter 219 times.

An estimated 31 tonnes of CO2 has been saved.

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The figures also show 21 users were banned and 86 issued warnings by text.

Since the trial started the the fleet has grown from 35 e-scooters and 50 parking bays, to 100 scooters and 75 bays.

A report due to be presented to the authority's economic development committee  said adjustments were being made to improve the service.

Ten parking bays had been moved in response to resident feedback and an "end journey photo" feature had been introduced to promote positive user behaviour.

The trial  had also been extended to include 16 to 18 year olds to give a cheap, convenient, green form of access for commuting to college and/or work. 

According to Ginger the Yarmouth trial is one of the most successful launches they have worked on and is outperforming all other Ginger trial areas, the papers say.

Reports of misuse and the amount of complaints is said  to be very low in comparison to the high usage.

Demand from Gorleston and Bradwell means the fleet size could be increased to 450, although not all vehicles would be deployed at the same time.

The trial is being extended until November 30.