Bid to spare threatened trees on coastal housing estate

Proposal to fell trees at Gorleston housing estate

The entrance to the Elmhurst Court Estate where there is a proposal to fell ten trees and (inset) ward councillor Trevor Wainwright who says five of the ten can legitimately be taken down, but the other five should stay. - Credit: Google Maps/Archant

Efforts are being made to save some trees -  including a "lovely oak" - facing the chop on a housing estate.

The assurances have come from Trevor Wainwright, whose council ward includes the Elmhurst Court Estate (also know as the Orbit Estate) in Gorleston, where a proposal to fell ten trees has drawn concerns.

The Elmhurst Court housing estate in Gorleston

The Elmhurst Court housing estate in Gorleston bounded by Wedgewood Court, the A47, Bridge Road, and the old railway line. A proposal to fell ten trees is being looked at. - Credit: Google Maps

Several people have written to the planning authority saying they object, the application stirring up a spirited response on Facebook.

Others, however said some trees should be taken down, particularly if their properties were directly affected.

Mr Wainwright said he had walked the site with the council's tree expert and was satisfied that five could justifiably be removed, as they were "low value" and in some cases more like bushes.

Councillor Trevor Wainwright, leader of the Labour group in Great Yarmouth. Picture: Ella Wilkinson

Councillor Trevor Wainwright, leader of the Labour group in Great Yarmouth. Picture: Ella Wilkinson - Credit: Archant

However, five others - including an oak said to be over 130 years old - should not in the council's view be removed.

Mr Wainwright said there were around 100 trees on the site, all of which were protected in some way.

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Much of the work being suggested was sensible, he said.

"The ones that are being taken out you would not really class as trees," he said.

Elmhurst Court Estate off Bridge Road Gorleston

A bid to fell trees on the Elmhurst Court Estate in Gorleston is drawing concerns. - Credit: Google Maps

"One was a holly bush blocking someone's window.

"But one was a lovely oak around 130 years and that's a no-no."

One of those facing the chop was already dead while another was damaging other trees, he added.

"The recommendation is that five remain. If the applicants agree to that it will not need to go to committee. If it did the recommendation would be to refuse.

People on social media said they were worried about the impact on bats, birds and squirrels and questioned why trees were being chopped down in the year the Queen was asking everyone to plant more.

One person writing to the borough council said they were worried the works would affect the nesting season.

Documents submitted to the council in support of the bid include a survey of significant trees in the public areas of the estate carried out in December 2020 by Suffolk-based Eastwood Tree Services.

A decision is due by March 9. To see the papers visit the borough council's planning portal quoting reference 06/22/0031/TRE.

Orbit Housing has been contacted for a comment.