Masterplan for 5,200 homes adopted

Many people have reported tunnels under Gorleston and Great Yarmouth.

More than 5,200 homes could be built in the borough by 2030 - Credit: Mike Page

A masterplan for the future of the borough of Great Yarmouth featuring more than 5,200 new homes has been formally adopted.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council has adopted the final part of its over-arching planning strategy for the borough, with the adoption of what is known as Local Plan Part 2.

One of its main planks is a target to build 5,298 homes by 2030.

Alongside the council’s 2015 Core Strategy, the masterplan will guide developers and planners in deciding where new homes should be built and set out policies to support regeneration and new businesses, as well as how the environment will be protected up to 2030.

It includes stronger support for shopping in the borough’s town and village centres, with a tougher test for out-of-centre sites.

The 200-page document also has new policies on managing the natural and historic environment and has a focus upon achieving high-quality design.

The plan has also been independently examined by a planning inspector on behalf of the government to ensure it matches up with national requirements.

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