Morning beach litter rakes stopped - but invasive grass to be cleared

Great Yarmouth beach with a clear blue sky.

Beach rakes for clearing litter were called off earlier this year, but they may return to pick up unwanted grasses. - Credit: James Weeds

Beach raking for litter was ditched by the council after evidence suggested it did not work.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council (GYBC) will be discussing how to keep the beach tidy at the upcoming Environment Committee meeting on Friday.

A report, carried out by James Wilson, head of Environmental Services, states that early morning beach rakes were previously carried out in order to clear litter from the area.

However, the report states, "it was not picking up litter as intended" and people had to pick up litter behind it manually.

The North and Central beach is currently cleaned every day between April and October by hand pickers.

Previously, hand pickers were assisted by the rakes, but they would still have to walk the beach to ensure litter had been collected by the machine.

"Therefore [the rakes were] not providing benefit for the time taken," the report stated.

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Despite not being a reliable method for litter picking, the rakes did prevent the growing of unwanted grasses - sparking a new use for them.

A trial for the beach rakes to be used as a way of maintaining the golden sands is being proposed at the meeting.