Bin collection revamp hailed as a success by council

Breckland councillors have raised concerns about Serco bin staff

The new bin collection rota for Great Yarmouth has been a success - Credit: IAN BURT

A revamp of the ways bins are collected in the borough of Great Yarmouth has been hailed a success by a council.

In October Great Yarmouth Borough Council changed the dates of some collection rounds.

The move was made due to meeting the demand of new homes in area compared to the number of collections.

The council says the new arrangements have not led to any major problems with bin collections.

A spokesman for the borough council said: "Since we have implemented the changes to our waste and recycling collection rounds, there have been no major issues and we are extremely pleased at what a success the rollout of these changes has been. 

"After receiving feedback from the crews, we are making some minor changes to the new rounds to ensure all 47,000 properties in the borough receive the same efficient service.

"The changes have allowed the collection routes to become more balanced and efficient which will reduce our impact on the environment by cutting the annual mileage our crews cover by nearly 17,000 miles and reducing CO² annually by over 40 tonnes.”

In the run-up to Christmas the borough council is asking residents to check collection days over the festive period, particularly as some of these will be earlier than normal.

Details can be found on the council website and on its social media channels.

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The council spokesman added: “We’d also like to remind residents to help reduce the amount of waste accumulated over the festive holidays, which can be done by recycling correctly, choosing gifts with no packaging, using up leftover food and reusing wrapping materials.”

“However, not everything can be put into your recycling bin, including nappies, clothing, food waste, electricals, and some wrapping paper. 

To discover which wrapping paper can be recycled, simply carry out the "Scrunch Test".

"After removing any sticky tape or labels, scrunch the wrapping paper into a ball. If it holds its shape, then it's ok to recycle."

Residents can also visit the Norfolk Recycles website for additional tips on how to reduce waste this Christmas.