'We need to step up' - Councillor on Great Yarmouth bin facilities

The Tar Works Road Bin and James Bensly

Councillor James Bensly and Civic Society president Hugh Sturzaker believe more facilities are needed to keep Great Yarmouth clean. - Credit: James Weeds / Liz Coates

A councillor and a civic society president have championed the need for more bins to help keep the Great Yarmouth area free of rubbish.

A bin with litter outside

The bin by Tar Works Road carpark is said to be overflowing regularly. - Credit: James Weeds

Last week, Caister Road resident Jan Heath noticed a public litter bin by the River Bure was overflowing with rubbish laid outside the receptacle, and she said it was not the first time.

Hugh Sturzaker, the president of Great Yarmouth Civic Society, described current bin provision such as the Tar Works Road one as "inadequate".

Civic Society chairman Hugh Sturzaker would like to see trees re-planted along South Quay Picture:

Great Yarmouth Civic Society president Hugh Sturzaker. - Credit: James Bass

Mr Sturzkaer said: "For Tar Works Road, probably the cheapest thing to do is have two bins. Preferably a recycling bin as well.

"Anything which prevents the area looking untidy is very important. Especially for people arriving by boat as that's an area they will see first."

The Civic Society president added that in the past, overflowing bins had been a problem.

However, with the introduction of new bins - with capacity for both litter and recyclable waste - Mr Sturzaker said he hoped overflowing bins will be an issue of the past.

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James Bensly, borough and county council for Hemsby said: "We've got to step up. People are enthusiastic to recycle and keep their areas clean, that message is clear.

"We need to give people the tools and they will gladly get involved."

One of the new bin frames on Great Yarmouth seafront

One of the new bin frames on Great Yarmouth seafront - Credit: GYBC

New bins along Great Yarmouth's seafront have recently been installed as part of the FACET (Facilitate the Adoption of Circular Entrepreneurship in the Tourism and leisure sector) project.

Also part of the project, Hemsby's "smart" bins - which will compact rubbish and alert authorities when they are nearly full - are expected to be rolled out ahead of the summer holidays.

James Bensly highlights coastal erosion issue in Hemsby

Borough and county councillor James Bensly said he, like the rest of the borough, is enthusiastic to recycle more and help the borough cleaner and greener. - Credit: Liz Coates

Mr Bensly said: "I am looking forward to seeing the new bins being used in Hemsby.

"Like the rest of the borough, we have a real enthusiasm to recycle more and to keep our areas cleaner and greener.

"These bins and technologies will also allow us to be more environmentally friendly."

Great Yarmouth Borough Council has confirmed the Tar Works Road bin - which is located near a doctor's surgery, pharmacy and RSPCA branch - is currently emptied twice a week and environmental rangers are monitoring the area.

Residents can report any issues about rubbish or fly-tipping to the council using the Love Clean Streets App.