Councillors agree £701 hike in allowances

Grants have been handed out to over 900 small businesses across Great Yarmouth unable to trade durin

The meeting was held at Great Yarmouth Town Hall and inset council leader Carl Smith - Credit: James Bass/Ella Wilkinson

Conservative-controlled Great Yarmouth Borough Council has agreed to give councillors a rise in their allowances.

On Thursday night a full meeting of the council saw a proposal for basic councillor annual allowances to be increased to £5,750 approved.

Previously councillors got a basic allowance of £4,869.

The new figures includes a rise of £701 and a merging of a broadband allowance of £180.

Council papers say the £701 rise reflects councillors' increased workload.

The proposal papers also said that the main risk in approving the rise was the reputation of councillors. 

The rise also means special responsibility allowances, such as for council leader Carl Smith, will increase as they are based on a a basic allowance multiplier.

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The proposal saw all members of the Labour opposition vote against the rise in allowances.

Labour motion asking for asking it easier to elderly residents and those without the internet to apply zone A parking permits was also turned down at the meeting, as well as a motion calling for the government to lift the suspension of the state pension triple lock policy.