Up to £1m to improve futures of Great Yarmouth young people

The MUGA in Middlegate, where people have complained about noise, damage to property and verbal abuse.

Up to £1m from the Youth Endowment Fund will be given to the Nelson ward to help improve the futures of its younger residents. - Credit: James Weeds

Residents of one of Great Yarmouth's most deprived areas can have their say about how up to £1m can be used to improve young people's future.

Great Yarmouth's Nelson ward is one of five areas selected in the UK by the Youth Endowment Fund to pilot new approaches to giving children and young people a better start in life.

St George's Park in disrepair

Residents from Great Yarmouth's Nelson ward are being invited to co-design ways the lives of young people can be improved. - Credit: Arielshotsuk Instagram

Up to £1m will be awarded to the town's Nelson ward to make residents' ideas for improvement a reality.

Residents will be invited to talk to members of the charity Right to Succeed and share what is important to them and their wider community to improve opportunities for young people.

The project will see what is called "the community co-designing solutions" to tackle the challenges and opportunities it faces in order to help children and young people in the area to thrive.

The work is being carried out in partnership with Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Norfolk County Council and Norfolk Police.

Right to Succeed chief executive Graeme Duncan said: "We want to work with local people and those that support them to really understand the unique local circumstances and how they can work together to make lasting improvements for children and young people.”

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The initial funding will enable Nelson ward residents to pool their knowledge and design a plan for future improvements.

Work will start this spring, leading to an action plan covering up to the next five years being finalised this autumn.

The area will then receive funding of up to £1m from the Youth Endowment Fund to put the ideas into action.

Carl Smith, left, Leader of Great Yarmouth Borough Council, in the new market with councillor Trevor

Carl Smith (left) and Trevor Wainwright believe the Youth Endowment Fund will be positive for young people living in Nelson ward. - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY/Archant2022

Great Yarmouth Borough Council leader Carl Smith and Labour group leader Trevor Wainwright said: “This is a really positive opportunity.

"We are committed to supporting people in the borough and improving the life chances of the residents in Nelson ward.

“We believe that this project, by focusing on the unique issues in the ward, will help prevent our young people’s lives being knocked off course.”

Supt Nathan Clark is now head of Great Yarmouth and North Norfolk District Police

Supt Nathan Clark is now head of Great Yarmouth and North Norfolk District Police - Credit: Jacob Massey

Norfolk Police’s north Norfolk and Great Yarmouth district commander, Superintendent Nathan Clark said: “It is vital we do not shy away from tackling the issues faced by young people in Great Yarmouth. 

"Crime has consequences whether as a victim or an offender, within the home or the wider community.

"I am delighted to see this innovative project come to Nelson Ward.”

For more information visit www.youthendowmentfund.org.uk/grants/neighbourhood-fund/.

Nelson ward in the 2011 Census

In the 2011 Census, it was revealed that 16.3pc of men in the Nelson ward between ages 16 to 74 were unemployed.

55pc of all residents were without a car or a van.

30.8pc of homes were owner occupied, while the rest were rented socially or privately.

5.9pc of homes were without central heating.

11.7pc of residents experienced day-to-day activities limited by "a lot".

40.2pc of all residents had no formal qualifications.

37.9pc of residents were hard pressed, with 10.8pc struggling families and 10.34pc burdened singles.

In a recent study, Nelson ward was included in one the areas without sufficient provision of play areas.