Great Yarmouth resident calls for larger bins in borough beauty spot

A bin with litter outside

The bin by Tar Works Road carpark is said to be overflowing regularly. - Credit: James Weeds

An often overloaded bin in one of Great Yarmouth's beauty spots has led to a resident calling for better facilities.

Jan Heath, 70, has said a larger bin is required by the site of the Tar Works carpark near the River Bure as the current one is usually overflowing with litter.

"Something needs to be done because it's horrendous," Mrs Heath said.

"It's been a problem ever since I started walking my dog there."

Mrs Heath takes her six-month-old puppy for regular walks by the river and said she notices rubbish either falling out of the receptacle or placed outside of it due to it being too full.

A bin with litter outside

The bin by Tar Works Road carpark on Thursday morning. Mrs Heath said the rubbish outside can sometimes be a lot worse. - Credit: James Weeds

She said: "The problem is it's one of those very old-fashioned small bins, and so many people use it. 

"If the bin is full, people lay the rubbish outside. But if the wind is strong, it blows everywhere."

Mrs Heath said the bin appears to be emptied regularly, but the persistent problem highlights a larger bin should be put in its place.

"What would be better is if there was a larger bin with a letter box opening to prevent people from disposing of massive amounts of their household waste in there," she said. 

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"I know that's always a risk. But something had to be done. Ideally, there should be two bins - with one for recycling.

"It's such a beautiful area and it's a shame to see it in such a mess."

A Great Yarmouth Borough Council spokesperson said: “We want to support the public in keeping the borough as clean and tidy as possible.

"Our bins are emptied and maintained by Great Yarmouth Borough Services, and they periodically review the schedules for emptying bins.

"We have asked GYBS to monitor the bin at Tar Works Road to see what the best approach would be for this location.”

Local businesses and councillors in Hemsby attend the launch of the new Hemsby cup.
Byline: Sonya D

Hemsby residents have been finding new ways to tackle the village's own litter problems. - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Elsewhere in the borough, Hemsby has been tackling its litter issue with the introduction of "smart" bins that compact the rubbish and alert the authorities when they are nearly full, leading to fewer trips to check on them and cleaner streets.

The village has also introduced the Hemsby Cup - a £2 reusable cup with the aim of reducing the number of single-use plastics being binned.