Starling dropping-plagued Yarmouth resident says tree trim is good result

Trees and Paul Burton

Great Yarmouth Borough Council has given permission for the trimming of the five holm oak trees in Kent Square. Resident Paul Burton (inset) said it was a good result for both the neighbours and the wildlife. - Credit: Archant

A decision to trim trees that are home to a roost of messy starlings in Great Yarmouth has been welcomed by a resident plagued by droppings.

Starlings roosting in Kent Square's five holm oak trees have caused neighbours repeated issues over the past few years.

Residents have reported a deluge of droppings on their homes and cars.

This car will need a good clean thanks to the Kent Square starlings

This car will need a good clean thanks to the Kent Square starlings - Credit: Sonya Duncan

On Wednesday, March 30 borough councillors voted in favour of trimming the trees back.

Resident Paul Burton said: "Even if it's just for the trees' sake, it's a good outcome.

"The trees needed trimming anyway as the amount of mess was killing them off."

Mr Burton said not only were the starlings a nuisance for residents, but five trees being home to up to 40,000 starlings was not ideal.

"It wasn't the best for the birds," Mr Burton said.

Mr Burton said he hoped the trims will encourage starlings to roost elsewhere next year in a less disruptive location.

"We'll have to wait and see," he said.