Bid to replace 'unacceptable' fence in conservation area

Pops Meadow Gorleston

Planners are set to discuss proposals for a replacement fence at Pops Meadow in Gorleston after they deemed a new one 'unacceptable ' in a conservation area. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

A play park operator who was told they should have sought planning permission for a fence in a conservation area has suggested a replacement.

Pops Meadow in Pavilion Road, Gorleston was told last year it needed retrospective planning permission for an 8ft security fence which was  "harming" the conservation area.

Pops meadow fence planning row Gorleston

The previous fencing as pictured in summer 2014. Planners say its replacement is 'unacceptable' and are asking for it to be removed. - Credit: Google Maps

Papers being presented to Wednesday's development control committee (February 2) say suggested new designs depart from what was discussed and involve green mesh panels which "do not seek to enhance the character or appearance of the area".

Cherise Gray who runs the park with husband Lewis said they had agreed to change the fence and that it was up to planners to make their decision.

She said both maintenance and cost were issues to consider at a time when materials were hard to get hold of and costs were skyrocketing - but that they were doing their best. She added they had suffered four break-ins in the short time they were able to open.

Officers are asking for a raft of information by March 1 including details about the fencing, rides, and landscaping and warn that failure to meet timescales could lead to enforcement action.