Trim trail and new play spaces coming to urban housing estate

Middlegate play spaces revamp Great Yarmouth

New green spaces where children can play and socialise outside on a town centre estate are being created. - Credit: Liz Coates/GYBC

New areas where children can play and be sociable are being created on a town centre estate.

Work to upgrade play areas and create new exercise and social spaces for residents of Great Yarmouth’s Middlegate estate has begun.

New green area called Middlegate Gardens taking shape in Great Yarmouth

A multi-use games area on the Middlegate Estate off King Street in Great Yarmouth is joining up with other spaces to create a new garden area after the estate was handed £860,000 by the Government in the 2021 budget, following a borough council bid for cash. - Credit: GYBC

The £860,000 scheme will see the creation of a new Middlegate Gardens area, three upgraded play areas,  and a new on-street trim trail - as well as sweeping away a games area said to be a magnet for trouble.

The work is being funded by the Government’s Estate Regeneration Fund and is expected to be completed in October.

The MUGA in Middlegate, where people have complained about noise, damage to property and verbal abus

The MUGA in Middlegate, where people have complained about noise, damage to property and verbal abuse. - Credit: James Weeds

The scheme began with the removal of the games area off King Street, known as a multi-use games area or MUGA, that residents have reported as being a hub for anti-social behaviour.

Once cleared the area will join up with other spaces to be turned into a single communal garden with new trees, fencing, and lighting.

Middlegate Estate revamp plans Great Yarmouth

Clarendon and Dorset Close on Great Yarmouth's Middlegate Estate are being revamped with new play equipment some of which will be accessible for children with mobility issues. - Credit: GYBC

Two play areas at Clarendon Close and a play area at Dorset Close will get new play equipment made with natural materials, and new seating and lighting. 

The final strand of the scheme will create a new activity trail of outdoor gym and play equipment in Tolhouse Street, between Nottingham Way and Sackville Close.

Great Yarmouth's Middlegate estate is in line for a multi-million pound transformation Picture: Liz

Green spaces in Great Yarmouth's Middlegate Estate are being transformed. - Credit: Archant

Andy Grant, chair of the housing and neighbourhood committee, said: "This is an ambitious scheme and it is really great to see local residents coming together to help the council create a large shared area for play and socialising.

The Middlegate estate, Yarmouth. Photo: Nick Butcher

The Middlegate estate, Yarmouth. Photo: Nick Butcher - Credit: EDP pics © 2006

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“The upgraded play areas and improved lighting and security features will really make a difference to the area, and help people enjoy their local areas all the more.”

Residents can visit the council’s website at to keep up to date on the planned work and updated information on access and bin collection arrangements during the project.

Work has already begun to remove the games area, with staged work on the play areas expected to begin in May and last through to October.

In 2020 it emerged a £113m overhaul of the estate would involve the demolition of over 300 of its homes.

The vision remains "aspirational" a council spokesman said, and depends on the availability of funding.