Police find faults after pulling over 26m vehicle on A47

Police stop long vehicle in Great Yarmouth

Police pulled over a long vehicle in Great Yarmouth and found two issues that had to be sorted before it could move on. - Credit: NSRAPT

A long vehicle pulled over in Great Yarmouth was prevented from continuing its journey until multiple problems were corrected.

In a tweet Norfolk and Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing Team said they stopped the 120-tonne, 26m vehicle as part of its commercial enforcement operation on the Acle Straight.

An inspection revealed the driver was not adhering to their load movement order and had neglected a previous rest period.

The tweet added: "Vehicle is staying put until issues corrected."

A spokesman for Norfolk Police added the vehicle was stopped at around 3pm on Tuesday March 16 as part of the NPCC commercial vehicle campaign on the Acle Straight by RAPT and the Road Casualty Reduction Team as the vehicle was heading into Great Yarmouth.

It was a large crane which was stated on the movement request to be 26m in total length with a gross weight of 120 tonnes.

The vehicle was allowed to be moved under strict conditions which included a self-escort vehicle which was not being adhered to, therefore the vehicle was prevented from continuing its journey until the necessary actions or a new movement order had been requested.

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The latter was subsequently completed and it’s journey was completed under police escort.

The driver was reported for offences relating to the vehicles size and was given a verbal warning regarding a minor historic infringement regarding driver’s hours.

The spokesman added officers would be speaking to the movement company.