Low Carbon Solar farm planned for Haddiscoe

Homes in a south Norfolk village could be powered by renewable energy in the future if plans are agreed to transform a former quarry site into a solar farm.

Green energy company Low Carbon Solar is seeking to install 4,500 solar panels on a five-acre site at the disused Cemex quarry in Haddiscoe.

The energy generated from the solar farm would be enough to power 191 homes in the area, while off-setting carbon emissions by 483 tonnes per year.

Part of the former quarry site on Wiggs Road has already been turned into a fishing lake, which can be used by local people.

Giovani Maruca, account director of Low Carbon Solar, has said that the lake would not be affected by the installation of solar panels, which he claims will be well hidden from public view.

He said: “This location is great because it’s brownfield land and will not have any redeeming value for the next 25 years.

“This solar farm will not make any noise and they do not give off any emissions. No one will know it is there because it will be well hidden.

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“It is a very clean way of generating electricity that is more friendly than nuclear power and I hope they will see it as a good location for a low carbon energy site.”

Low Carbon Solar is seeking advice from South Norfolk Council as to whether an environmental impact assessment is needed for the plan.

Efforts will be made to prevent the solar farm from becoming an eyesore by planting trees and hedging to screen the site from the nearby lake and houses in the north.

The land could still be used for grazing once the solar panels were in place.

Mr Maruca continued: “This site is not near an area of outstanding natural beauty, it has no protected woodland and no endangered animals live there.”

A public consultation is taking place at Haddiscoe Village Hall on Wednesday from 3 to 7pm. Low Carbon Solar will be on hand to answer all queries and seek views.