‘You knew you’d been a fool’ - Man who assaulted police officer wrote letter of apology to PC

Marcus Shaw, of Ferrier Road, admitted he'd "acted like an idiot" after he assaulted a police office

Marcus Shaw, of Ferrier Road, admitted he'd "acted like an idiot" after he assaulted a police officer in August this year. Photo: Google - Credit: Archant

A man who assaulted a police officer and resisted arrest told interviewers he had “acted like an idiot”, and lashed out because was “het up”.

Marcus Shaw, 22, of Ferrier Road, Great Yarmouth, pleaded gulity to assaulting an emergency worker at the town’s magistrates’ court on October 7.

Shaw, who police tried to arrest on August 3, grabbed an officer’s leg and pulled him over “using the full force of his body weight”.

According to prosecutor Jane Walker, police were called to a Great Yarmouth address just after midnight, where Shaw stood outside with his daughter after an argument with his ex-partner.

Police said he was “clearly intoxicated” - though Shaw maintained he only had “a couple of Captain Morgans”.

After moving inside, Shaw began “flailing his arms” when police tried to arrest him.

Ms Walker said: “While Mr Shaw was flailing his arms and fists, he stumbled and landed on some toys in the living room.

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“He then grabbed hold of PC Fiske’s leg and pulled him onto the sofa with the full force of his body weight.

“After a struggle, he was arrested and taken to Great Yarmouth police centre. He told police he didn’t mean to cause any injury and said he’d acted like an idiot.”

Arthur Balls, mitigating, said Shaw was “not a violent person”, but that he had an argument with his ex that night.

He said: “Mr Shaw is not violent - he was just het up.

“His partner had made a couple of unpleasant comments and he was feeling miffed.

“Generally, he’s very remorseful. He went to the station straight after he was released and sent a letter of apology to the officer involved.

“This was quite out of character for him.

“This is a man who was upset, not drunk.”

Shaw said he “didn’t mean” what he had done and was “just very angry” at the time.

Chair of the bench Paul Allen said: “It’s clear you did the right thing here. You went round to the police station and wrote a letter of apology.

“You knew you’d been a fool.”

Magistrates issued an £100 fine, £50 charge towards prosecution costs and a victim surcharge of £34.