Man with cerebral palsy hits Norfolk on 1,900 mile run

tom crossland run

Tom Crossland arrives in Great Yarmouth as part of his 1,900 mile run across England and Wales. - Credit: Submitted

A man diagnosed with cerebral palsy has defied the odds and is completing a 1,900 mile run around England and Wales in aid of tackling modern slavery.

Tom Crossland has grown up with cerebral palsy and it has had a huge impact on his life. He still struggles with fine motor control.

But this has not stopped him running 1,900 miles around the English and Welsh coast.

tom crossland run

Mr Crossland is raising money to help tackle modern slavery. - Credit: Submitted

Mr Crossland arrived in Great Yarmouth on Friday, June 11, just one of the stops on his huge tour.

He is taking part in Run for Refuge to raise awareness of the needs of the most vulnerable people in society, including refugees and survivors of exploitation and modern slavery.

In total, Mr Crossland's run will take three months to complete.

tom crossland run

Mr Crossland is travelling on foot to experience what refugees feel on a daily basis. - Credit: Submitted

He said: "By making the journey around the coast on foot I will experience some of the challenges that refugees experience and highlight how the right of asylum is fundamental to a compassionate society."

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