Man stuffed injured baby seagull into bin as onlookers watched in “disbelief”

The car park at St Francis Way. Picture: Archant

The car park at St Francis Way. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

Witnesses have spoken of their “disbelief” as they watched a man kick a baby seagull across a Great Yarmouth car park, before stuffing the injured animal into a waste bin.

The bin which the seagull was stuffed into, still alive. Picture: Archant

The bin which the seagull was stuffed into, still alive. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

Eleanor Porter works for Inspired Therapies, on the corner of the St Francis Way car park, and said: “I didn’t see where he came from but as he walked across the car park I heard this loud whack.

“I knew it wasn’t the sound of a bag or bottle being kicked, I thought it might have been a dog or a cat. Then when the man left the car park I ran out and saw this baby sea gull. I moved it to the shade so it didn’t get hurt, and a partner of my client who had just arrived ran up to Giles at Great Yarmouth Against Animal Cruelty.”

Miss Porter, 48, continued: “Giles Robin got there with a rescue box. At that moment the man walked back through the car park and picked up the bird from the shade by the wing, and walked over to the bin and began shoving it in.”

Mr Robins said: “I told the man the bird was still alive, and asked him to put it down. But he kept insisting it was dead and made some comment about it being dirty.

“Then he left and I got the baby gull out and put it in the safety box, it died a few moments later.”

Miss Porter added: “We just wanted the gull to have a peaceful last few moments. I spoke to the police who contacted the RSPCA.

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“I know people think of them as pests, but they’re a protected species. I think half of Great Yarmouth doesn’t realise its an offence to injure them.”

She continued: “They can’t fly. So when children chase them around they’re not like adult gulls who can get away, they’re defenceless.”

Mr Robins added: “Every summer we get an influx of seagulls who need helping, and we have pigeons all year round. I just think there must be something wrong with people who would want to injure another living creature.”

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