Martham couple slim together

A MARTHAM couple have boosted their health and happiness after shedding a combined total of almost seven stone.

David and Christine Harriss shared in each others' achievements by successfully slimming down together.

Part-time road worker David, 67, was advised by his GP to lose weight after being diagnosed with diabetes last year.

After the diagnosis he joined Caister Weight Watchers and has now lost nearly four stone.

The weight reduction has already transformed David's quality of life – he does not to take medication for diabetes and has overcome a sleep disorder.

Christine, 66, had joined the group the previous year after previous unsucessful attempts to lose weight.

The retired production worker has seen her blood pressure plummet and energy levels soar after losing three stone.

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David said: 'I had not felt well, lacked energy and felt lifeless. I was suffering with a sleep disorder, but was surprised to discover I had diabetes. Continuing to lose weight has helped control the condition, my blood sugar levels are back to normal and I just have to watch what I eat.'

The couple have transformed their previously unhealthy diet, swapping fish and chips and fry ups for steamed dishes and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

David now tips the scales at 12st8lb and Christine at 11st11lb.

Married 40 years, the couple met in a pub at Winterton and have a daughter Leanne and a three year old grand-daughter Ella.

'Friends and family cannot believe the change in us, people stop me in the street and say you look well,' said Christine.

'David used to get up and not feel like doing anything, now he is much better, both physically and mentally. We both have heaps more energy.

'If I have a snack now it is just a piece of fruit instead of cakes and sweets. Both of us have really noticed the difference and aim to lose another stone each, we are not stopping now.'

Caister Weight Watchers consultant Bridget Rackham said: 'David and Christine are a true encouragement in the meeting, come every week and are always happy – a true inspiration to my members.'

? For more information about Caister Weight Watchers call Bridget on 01493 730540/07515715416.