The Edwards family are stars at Gorleston Chinto karate group grading

Chinto Karate, Gorleston

Chinto Karate, Gorleston - Credit: Chinto Karate

The Chinto Karate group held a grading this week at Magdalen Methodist Church in Gorleston and among those who successfully pass their kyu grades were the Edwards family - JJ, Harley, Sarah Jane and Tommy Lee.

JJ began training with the group in the enrichment class at Stradbrook Primary Academy.

Chief instructor, Sensei Tracy Pillar said: “When JJ joined us we were told by his parents he had learning disabilities, yet his progress in class has been incredible. Karate has helped him focus and given his confidence a boost.

“He is an inspiration to many others and has proven you can achieve great things in martial arts with proper tuition.

“I am sure JJ will continue on the path to that black belt.”

Anyone wanting details about the family-friendly orientated club can contact Sensei Pillar on 07780 832484.

Pictured are Sensei Pillar with Harley, Sara Jane, JJ and Tommy Lee Edwards.