Covid rule-breaker mayor 'not thinking of standing down at all'

Sue Hacon has been suspended from the conservative party after going out despite a family member being Covid positive

Sue Hacon has been suspended from the conservative party after going out despite a family member being covid positive - Credit: James Bass

A town mayor suspended by her Conservative group for breaking Covid isolation rules has declared her intention to carry on in the civic role.

Sue Hacon, mayor of Great Yarmouth, was self-isolating after her husband tested positive for the virus but went out to collect medication and visited several other shops.

Council leader Carl Smith announced her suspension at a full borough council meeting on Wednesday when he stressed everyone needed to follow "the rules or the guidance".

"I can inform the council that I have taken the decision here, as leader tonight, to suspend her from the Conservative group and an investigation will continue after," he said.

Ms Hacon is the councillor for Bradwell South and Hopton and had been mayor since May, having served two years as deputy mayor.

She has since apologised, her "foolish" behaviour coming at a time when parts of the borough were offering enhanced testing due to a spike in infection rates.

Labour group leader, Trevor Wainwright said he would be calling for Ms Hacon to stand down if an investigation found she had broken the rules.

He said: "How can you ask residents to follow the rules when the mayor won't do it?

"There's no excuse, none whatsoever. "

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Ms Hacon has since told this newspaper she is "not thinking of standing down. at all"

"I have so much support from people I barely know," she said.

"I made a mistake, but with the best intentions.

"I was being a wife that day, not mayor."

She added  that much of the mayoral work had been cancelled due to Covid and that while she had "a fab deputy" in Adrian Thompson, there was "nothing to use him for."

The mayor had five engagements this week.

On Monday she or her deputy was due to have afternoon tea with Sir Richard Jewson, and later to hold interviews for the mayor's cadet.

On Tuesday the schedule included a meeting with Billy who had raised money for Martham food  bank, and on Friday the mayor is asked to attend the opening of a new Big C cancer centre with Ruddy Muddy.

Finally on Friday the mayor of Great Yarmouth is due to open the new Cobholm skate park.

A spokesman said all the events had been rescheduled apart from the cancer centre which the deputy mayor will attend.