Norfolk teen has Michael McIntyre in stitches with knitted doll

Michael McIntyre with his mini Michael from Crazy Hippo Crochet

Michael McIntyre with his crochet mini MIchael made by Hopton student Ellen Siegert. - Credit: Ellen Siegert

A teenager who handed her comedy idol a crochet version of himself said she was stunned at how excited and grateful he was.

Ellen Siegert, from Hopton, queued with her parents Steve and Jane for 90 minutes to meet Michael McIntyre at a book signing held at Jarrold in Norwich.

Michael McIntyre book signing in Norwich

Ellen Siegert with Michael McIntyre's new book A Funny Life. The 17-year-old handed the comedian a knitted version of himself at Jarrold's book signing in Norwich. - Credit: Ellen Siegert

The 17-year-old, whose celebrity crochet dolls are in demand, wanted to present him with the bespoke figure made in the days before the event as a gift.

Miss Siegert, who is a self-confessed fan of all his stand-up and TV game shows, was third from last in the queue just making the cut-off.

Mini Michael McIntyre made by Ellen Siegert of Hopton

A mini Michael McIntyre has delighted the comedian who said he was going to put it in his office. - Credit: Ellen Siegert

When it came to her turn she handed over the mini-Michael, flooring the performer who "absolutely loved it and was really excited straight away".

"He was so good and he took so much time chatting to me which I really did not expect," she said.

"He asked about how long it took me to make and said it was 'just the best thing' and that he was going to put it in his office.

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"He made me feel really comfortable and kept the conversation going. It was really easy to talk to him."

Ellen Siegert with Michael McIntyre in Norwich

Ellen Siegert with Michael McIntyre and the mini Michael doll he was delighted to receive. - Credit: Ellen Siegert

Miss Siegert, a fashion and textiles student at East Norfolk Sixth Form College, created a buzz with celebrities when her Ugly Betty dolls were ordered by the stars of the show.

Having tagged the actors on Instagram she immediately received applause for her talents from cast member Becki Newton, who plays Amanda, who said she was struck by how she had captured the spirit of the characters.

Ed Sheeran made by Ellen Siegert

An Ed Sheeran doll made by Ellen Siegert was picked up and featured on the star's official fan page. - Credit: Ellen Siegert

More recently it was her Taylor Swift and Harry Styles dolls that were causing a stir under her brand Crazy Hippo Crochet.

She has also sold an Ariana Grande for auction in aid of a charity that helps people affected by terror attacks.

However, living with chronic fatigue syndrome meant she was only able to complete limited  orders.

Ed Sheeran made by Ellen Siegert

An Ed Sheeran doll made by Ellen Siegert was picked up and featured on the star's official fan page. - Credit: Ellen Siegert

She said she opened for orders at the end of August and was full within two minutes.

She is now booked until Christmas and will open again in January.

Her Tik Tok video featuring the making of her Harry Styles' doll has racked up over 800,000 views.

To find out more visit her Instagram page at crazy_hippo_crochet.

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