'It was exactly what we were hoping for' - New bar joins the fabric of town

Gail Smith at Mixsmiths.

Gail Smith wants people of all ages enjoying her new bar. - Credit: James Weeds

The owner of a new coffee and cocktail bar in Gorleston says it is already well on its way to becoming "part of the fabric" of the town.

Mixsmiths Artisan Coffees and Cocktails on Gorleston High Street opened its doors on July 31 and director Gail Smith couldn't be happier with the company's first month in business.

"The response has been really good," Ms Smith, 41, said.

"We have a nice regular morning customer base growing and we're getting to know local businesses and becoming part of the fabric, just like we set out to do.

"We couldn't ask for any more to be honest."

People enjoying a drink at Mixsmiths.

Mixsmiths Artisan Coffees and Cocktails opened their doors on July 31. - Credit: Mixsmiths Artisan Coffees and Cocktails

The bar wants to establish itself as a venue for people who don't necessarily want the rowdiness of a pub.

"We're getting people of all ages, trying our coffee, trying our cocktails," said Ms Smith.

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"It was exactly what we were hoping for."

In July, the venue's opening hours were called into question after Ms Smith had requested a Saturday night closing time of 2am.

Borough councillors Emma Flaxman-Taylor and Barbara Wright both objected to the venue operating beyond 12am.

On July 23 it was agreed that the venue would be open no later than midnight.

Ms Smith said: "We're more than happy with closing at midnight, that's definitely what are clientele are happy with."

People having a drink at Mixsmiths.

The approach of Mixsmiths is cocktails, coffees and conversation. - Credit: Mixsmiths Artisan Coffees and Cocktails

Ms Smith, who also manages Luck, Lust, Liquor and Grinds at Peggotty's in Great Yarmouth, extolled the virtues of Mixsmiths drinks menu.

"People have been going mad for our Sweet Little Rain," Ms Smith said.

The drink is a mixture of coffee and candy floss.

Ms Smith added: "We can't take credit for creating it, but we certainly take credit for bringing it to the area.

"We've also put in place some signature cocktails.

"We have been trying to perfect the craft of mixology and have some great contacts with wholesalers, so we're trying to make this place even more special."

The front door of Mixsmiths.

Mixsmiths is open for business. - Credit: James Weeds

Occasional events will be added to their calendar, including Laura London, a member of the Inner Circle, who will be performing at the bar as part of her worldwide tour, Cheat, in October.

Mixsmiths is open seven days a week, 10am until midnight.