Man on mobility scooter held up traffic on the A47

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A man driving a mobility scooter into the side of a police van was among more than 40 incidents involving such vehicles reported last year to police in Great Yarmouth.

Other incidents, reported to the police’s contact and control room, included a man in a mobility scooter trying to run someone over, another on a scooter following a woman and another on the A47, holding up the traffic.

Recently, some of the town’s shopkeepers raised concerns over the size and speed at which the motor scooters are travelling at.

In total there were 44 incidents including four reports each of collision, intoxication and vandalism involving the electric vehicle reported to the town’s police.

In January a mobility scooter crashed into a BMW, while in May one crashed into a bin.

The new Barclays bank in Great Yarmouth market place close to other banks such as Nationwide, Lloyds

The new Barclays bank in Great Yarmouth market place close to other banks such as Nationwide, Lloyds and Halifax in the town centre.Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2014

In February a vehicle was damaged, with someone having put superglue into its locks.

Four of the scooters were found abandoned, either stolen or broken down.

Most of the incidents date from the summer months.

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In May a person calling the police was concerned a man on a mobility scooter was asking for money, while in June another caller, a scooter user, was concerned about being followed by a man.

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There were three attempts to steal a mobility scooter, one of them successful, while one driver was reported for shoplifting and another for stealing a rucksack.

MORE: Grieving man’s plea after mobility scooter theftEarlier this month the European Parliament passed proposed changes to regulations on which vehicles require compulsory insurance, excluding mobility scooters.

While the UK government recommends users to take out insurance, mobility scooter insurance is not compulsory for either class 2 or class 3 scooters, despite a legal requirement for users to register class 3 mobility scooters with the DVLA for road use.

For class 3 mobility scooter users wishing to exceed more than 4mph, the scooter must be used on the road and is prohibited from travelling faster than 8mph, as well as requiring front and rear lights and reflectors, an efficient braking system, direction indicators able to operate as a hazard warning signal, an audible horn, and a rear-view mirror.