‘They looked after my little girl’ - mother praises those who came to daughter’s aid

Mollie Medler, centre, with her sister Rosie, left and brother, Bailey, right. Photo: Lisa Medler

Mollie Medler, centre, with her sister Rosie, left and brother, Bailey, right. Photo: Lisa Medler - Credit: Archant

The mother of a young girl who suffered a broken shoulder after being hit by a car has praised those who rushed over to help.

Mollie Medler forgot to look both ways as she stepped out onto Mill Lane in Bradwell while trying to avoid snowballs being thrown at her.

The 13-year-old, who was on her way home from Lynn Grove Academy, was then hit by a car, leaving her with a broken shoulder.

Her mum, Lisa, who was at work at the time, said several people rushed over to help and comfort her daughter as an ambulance was called.

She said one person used an umbrella to shield Mollie from the snow, while another woman cradled her.

“I just want to say a massive thank you to those who helped my daughter,” Mrs Medler said.

“They looked after my little girl when I could not be there, and knowing that other people stepped in has restored my faith in humanity.”

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Mrs Medler, 37, who works as a teaching assistant, stressed that the accident was not the driver’s fault.

She said her daughter is usually “quite cautious”, but said the snowball fight had distracted her.

“Mollie said she would like to say sorry to the person that was driving,” Mrs Medler added. “It must have been horrific for them.

“I think she was trying to avoid snowballs being pelted at her, and I think she looked one way [onto the road], but not the other.”

The accident happened at around 3.20pm on Tuesday, February 6, and was witnessed by Mollie’s 14-year-old sister Rosie.

Mrs Medler believes the car was probably going slower than the 30mph speed limit along Mill Lane due to the weather.

“The police also said there was no evidence to suggest it was the driver’s fault,” Mrs Medler said.

Mollie, who is a keen swimmer, was rushed to James Paget University Hospital and had her left shoulder put back into place.

She also suffered a graze down her leg, as well as bumps and bruising.

Mrs Medler said: “It was horrific [when I found out what had happened], because you automatically think the worst.

“She has been an incredibly lucky girl, injury wise, with a broken shoulder being the worst and I am glad to say she is slowly on the mend.

“It just doesn’t bare to think about how differently things could have turned out.”