More people advised to evacuate as water levels remain high

Residents of Gorleston fill sandbags on Quay Road, on Friday 13th January 2017.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Residents of Gorleston fill sandbags on Quay Road, on Friday 13th January 2017.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Even more people are being advised to evacuate their homes in the Great Yarmouth area, as emergency services and councils continue to work together on the process following the severe flood warnings.

People living in the Northgate Street area of Great Yarmouth have been added to the list of thousands of homes which are affected, with evacuation centres remaining open into the night.

With water levels high, agencies in Norfolk including emergency services, health and local councils have been co-operating in their response.

With high tide expected at just after 9.15pm in Great Yarmouth, it has been confirmed that rest centres will remain open overnight, for those who have left their homes and those who may be unable to return to them.

Police have added that it is not expected that road or bridge closures will be necessary as a result of the wind.

Emergency services are aiming to have visited between 5,000 and 7,000 homes before high tide to assist with evacuation, and it is recommended that those given this advice, take it.

Areas affected include Cobholm Island, Southtown, the west bank of the River Yare between Gorleston and Ferry Hill, the east bank of the Yare between South Deans and South Quay, and riverside areas between Runham Vauxhall and Scare Gap.

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Rest centres remain open in the following locations:

* Cliff Park Academy, Kennedy Avenue, Gorleston, NR31 6TA

• Ormiston Venture Academy, Oriel Avenue, Gorleston, NR31 7JJ

• Christ Church, King Street, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2HL

Earlier, Nathan Clark, chief inspector of Great Yarmouth police urged people to heed the warning and evacuate if advised to do so.

He added: “One thing people have been concerned about is pets, but I can confirm that rest centres will allow people to bring their pets in, providing they are kept in suitable carrying cages and kept under their owner’s control.”