Join global effort to re-create Kate Bush’s most famous video in Norfolk

People in Gorleston will join a global effort to recreate Kate Bush's 1978 hit Wuthering Heights Pho

People in Gorleston will join a global effort to recreate Kate Bush's 1978 hit Wuthering Heights Photo: PA Archive/PA Images - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

It’s not quite the windy moors but Gorleston seafront is set to join a global event where people dress up as Kate Bush and recreate her Wuthering Heights video.

Hundreds of people are being rallied to take part in the Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever which sees fans dressing as the singer wearing her trademark floaty red attire and doing all the moves.

Organiser Melanie Ruse said it wasn't just for women, people of all genders and abilities were welcome and the event on Saturday, July 13 would be wheelchair friendly.

And Gorleston's effort would be the only one of 33 worldwide to feature original band members who played on the singer's first album.

Mrs Ruse said: "I was contacted by the KT Bush Band to say they had a gig in Norwich and could I post it on the Facebook page.

"Having listened to a clip of them, I was so impressed I shared it everywhere.

"They kindly invited me and my husband to see them.

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"They knew all about The Most Wuthering Heights Days and the rest is history."

She said capacity in Pier Gardens was limited to around 200 and that there would be time to practise the routine from the 1978 video.

The intention is the attempt will be filmed and uploaded to YouTube and possibly used to promote the resort.

Those taking part will be joining people in Sydney, Sweden, Paris and Berlin and at multiple locations world wide.

Mrs Ruse, 57, said: "I can remember the first time I saw that video on Top of the Pops it blew my mind. There is no-one like her and with her voice as well, it's just so different.

"I just loved the look and I loved her voice. She was just so eccentric. She was everything I wanted to be as a teenager."

For the event people are asked to wear red. A couple of rehearsals will take place in the Pavilion Theatre before moving to Pier Gardens near the band stand for the real thing.

People should book via the Pavilion Theatre, entry is £3.

Rehearsals start at 12 noon with the dance taking place at 2pm.

The flash mob performance will be followed by a community picnic.

It was inspired by a performance group Shambush! in Brighton which attempted to set an unofficial world record for the most people dressed as Kate Bush, and has taken off worldwide thanks to Samantha Wareing in Berlin, creator of The Most Wuthering Heights Day name in 2016.

Kate Bush was just 19 when she reached number 1 in the charts with her debut singer Wuthering Heights, a tribute Emily Bronte's brooding novel of the same name.

The two artists share the same birthday, July 30.