Mother’s concern over Southtown school parking

A MOTHER has spoken of her concern for her son’s safety after cars repeatedly parked on zigzag lines outside a Great Yarmouth school.

Amanda Gilgil, 47, of Beavans Court, Cobholm, is concerned for her child’s safety after taxis parked on zigzag lines outside Southtown First School making it difficult to see traffic when crossing the road.

Ms Gilgil’s children Christopher, 24. Joseph, 17, Elizabeth, 15, Chengiz, 13 have all attended the school and her youngest son, Haydar, six, is a pupil there.

She said: “This is a matter of desperation. People don’t listen. If you work for a taxi company, you should be setting an example. My son could end up getting run over.

“If they don’t park on the white zig zag lines then they park on the double yellow lines. The school have totally supported me, they have asked them to move. The taxi firm just doesn’t care and somebody nearly got knocked over. We all want to protect our children but they are being put at risk.

“I have asked them politely but they said that there was nowhere else to park and I told them that there’s the visitors car park.”

Ms Gilgil said the parking problem happened every morning and afternoon when children were being taken to and from the school.

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She added: “I have raised my concerns with Albies who said it’s a courtesy law not an enforceable law.”

A spokesman for Albies taxis said: “We have been taking special needs children to that school for 29 years. Those cars are educationally contracted and we are not blocking the road. These are cars for special needs children and they are especially adapted. We are just doing as we are contracted to.”

Headteacher Elaine Glendinning said: “I have been taking to the taxi firm and they have agreed to use the car park again. We have had PCSOs outside.

“The parking problem has been going on for about three years. We have highlighted the issue in the school newsletters for the past two or three years as well.”

A spokesman for Norfolk County Council said: “Its a similar problem outside a lot of schools but this school has a particular problem because it’s situated down a cul-de-sac. The school is encouraging parents to use Lidl and Homebase car parks, which they have permission to use.

“I think the problem has been resolved but taxis were having problems with parents coming down the road. Parents could be ticketed if they park on the double yellow lines.

“The solution for parents is that they should take advantage of the parking arrangements at Lidl and Homebase but we do understand that some people obviously have to drive.”