Mind the gap - lack of mindfulness books for children prompts mum to write own

Kirsty Larcombe from Belton near Great Yarmouth who has written a series of wellbeing books for children

Kirsty Larcombe and her son Kiali. The 24-year-old has written a series of books helping children to connect with mindfulness at an early age. - Credit: Kelly Bloom Photography

A mum with a passion for mindfulness has penned a series of books aimed at helping young children to foster good habits when it comes to their mental health.

In a world where toddlers are plugged into screens and know their way around a smart phone better than their grandparents Kirsty Larcombe believes teaching children about wellbeing from an early age builds resilience and confidence.

Milo Monkey mindfulness books by Kirsty Larcombe from Belton, Great Yarmouth

Belton mum Kirsty Larcombe has created a series of books for children promoting mindfulness as an everyday tool to help them cope with modern life. - Credit: Kirsty Larcombe

The 24-year-old from Belton, near Great Yarmouth, was inspired to create the books by her son Kiali, who is three.

"I was looking for something to read for my son and there was nothing like that on the market.

"I have always been quite business minded and creative, and interested in affirmations and that mind set.

"Between the ages of 0 to seven children are in brain state called 'theta' where they absorb everything like a sponge, which is why childhood has such an impact.

"I just wanted something positive for him to absorb," she said.

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"Mindfulness is a life-long thing and it's about starting as early as possible and making it normal - not just turning to it when there is a crisis."

Having toyed with the idea for months a spur of the moment creative spark saw her put pen to paper and digitally draw her characters Milo Monkey and Friends.

Kirsty Larcombe has written mindfulness books for children

Three-year-old Kiali enjoys a mindfulness book written by his mum Kirsty Larcombe. - Credit: Kirsty Larcombe

The books come in two genders featuring either Milo or Millie, and there are eight in total.

Titles include Milo/Millie Monkey's Affirmations and Milo's/Millie's Mindset.

They were self-published via Amazon's free Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) tool.

Milo Monkey and Friends books by Kirsty Larcombe

Milo Monkey and Friends are helping young children on a mindfulness journey of a lifetime. The books by Belton mum Kirsty Larcombe include affirmations and ways to stay positive. - Credit: Kirsty Larcombe

Miss Larcombe, an eyelash technician, said her son "absolutely loved" the books and picked them up time and time again.

"It's about reading them together and having quality time and both learning from it," she said.

The affirmations include inspiring and confidence-building messages such as "I am happy", " I am healthy", "I am smart", "I am strong", "I am kind", "I am loved."

"I have had a really really good response," she said. "Everyone has loved them and asked when more are coming. People have sent me pictures of their children reading them.

"Someone messaged me today and said their little girl had read it and when she was asked about what this book was telling her she said that 'I can do anything'."

The books are available via Amazon priced £5.99.