‘Let’s see how long I can go for’ - Man on furlough from holiday camp sets himself singing challenge

Aaron Bolton, 34, who lives in Belton, has been challenging himself to sing a new song every day on

Aaron Bolton, 34, who lives in Belton, has been challenging himself to sing a new song every day on his YouTube channel while on furlough from Potters Resort. Picture: Aaron Bolton. - Credit: Archant

A man on furlough from his job at a holiday camp has been challenging himself to sing a new song everyday on his YouTube channel - and has so far performed about 200 Broadway tunes.

Aaron Bolton, 34, from Lowestoft, is a professional singer who normally performs at Potters Resort, as well as at gigs around the country in theatres, pubs and clubs.

At the start of lockdown last March, facing the prospect of a life without gigs, he decided to challenge himself by singing a new song from musical theatre every day on his YouTube channel.

“It began at the start of lockdown, to keep myself sane,” he said.

“Particularly because theatre is going through a difficult time, I thought, anything we can do that’s positive, let’s do it.”

Mr Bolton, who lives in Belton, normally sings pop songs - but has been challenging himself to perform numbers from classic musicals like Oliver, Fiddler on the Roof and Jesus Christ Superstar, as well as modern shows including The Full Monty and Hamilton.

“I thought now I have some time on my hands, I thought if I do one song a day, if I challenge myself, see how long I can do it for,” he said.

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“I sing a new song literally every single day, I never expected to get 200 songs in.”

He said it isn’t difficult to find new songs but it is difficult to keep learning them - he practiced one from Young Frankenstein while driving to IKEA.

“It helps keep my voice fit, it’s seeing how low you can go, how high you can go,” he said.

He said the response to his videos has been positive.

“People like it and seem to enjoy it,” he added.

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Mr Bolton, singing professionally since he was 16-years-old, is currently on furlough from Potters Resort, in Hopton, and normally also performs up and down the country in theatres, holiday camps, small pubs and clubs.

On the night lockdown was announced, he was gigging at the Fisherman’s Inn, a pub in Belton.

“Everyone was worried at that point, no-one knew what was going to happen, especially in the leisure and entertainment industry.

“Everything is still so uncertain,” he said.

Mr Bolton uploads new videos every day to his YouTube channel, ABSINGS, which can be found here.