Mystery over toppled graveyard memorial solved

The headstone toppled over Picture: Brian Wells

The headstone toppled over Picture: Brian Wells - Credit: Brian Wells

A 4ft memorial cross was toppled in a village graveyard due to an incident involving a hedge trimmer.

Brian Wells discovered the damage when he visited his wife Janet’s grave in Caister Village Cemetery, and reported it to the parish council.

His son, also Brian, a photographer who specialises in ruins, said there had been vandalism problems at his mother’s grave with flowers being strewn about.

However parish councillor Lynne Connell said it was the first time anything like this had happened during her time as a member and after some delving discovered it had been caused by a hedge trimmer.

The affected grave dated from the 19th century.

The family has been contacted.

Mrs Connell said the cross would be shortened to help ensure it didn’t happen again and put back.

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She added the problem with the flowers could be down to squirrels.

The police had been informed, but vandalism has now been ruled out.

Stonemason Colin Smith has offered to repair the cross for free.