New ice rink at The Atlantis Arena

WARY Great Yarmouth residents who have got used to sliding around on ice-covered pavements will be able to try the real thing thanks to a new skating rink opening today on the seafront.

The Atlantis Family Fun Centre will be the venue for the rink, which is the same type as that used by Dancing on Ice TV judge Nicky Slater and the only one in the area.

And if the attraction is a success, organisers have said, there is a strong chance it may become a more long-term feature.

Daryn Ferguson, a director at the Atlantis Arena complex, said he and co-director Colin Abbott had previously planned to introduce it this summer.

“We didn’t do that in the end, but I have children myself and enjoyed taking them down to the rink at the market place and skating there.

“Now that’s not happening, so we thought that for those living locally it would give them a chance to have a go without having to head for Norwich and brave the current weather conditions.

“Everyone should give it a try once and this is on their doorstep.”

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The indoor rink was installed on Tuesday, allows up to 50 people to skate at any one time.

Mr Ferguson said that, depending on demand and hiring issues, it could be on site for up to two months, adding: “And if we get a good response we might get it here for the summer.”

He added that families would also be able to enjoy other entertainment around the rink, including a bar and bowling alley, and that the nylon surface was “a bit more forgiving when you fall”.

“The surface is also designed so that parents can walk on the it to help their younger children and it will be marshalled at all times.”

The opening will be at 3pm, with the cost to skate �3.50 and �1 for skate hire. Spectators are free and there are also discounts for school groups.

Over the school holidays, the rink will be open every day from 11am until late.