Village homes plans deferred after claims of ‘disruption, anxiety and stress’ to residents

A homeowner is bidding for 33 houses behind Beechcroft in Station Road, Ormesby Picture: Google Maps

A homeowner is bidding for 33 houses behind Beechcroft in Station Road, Ormesby Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

Plans for dozens of new homes in a Great Yarmouth village have been deferred by councillors after warnings of “disruption, anxiety and stress” to residents.

Proposals to build 33 homes with a new access road and public open space off Foster Close in Ormesby St Margaret were submitted to Great Yarmouth Borough Council for planning permission.

But after residents told of the impact they feared proposals would have on them, councillors agreed to defer the plans.

During a planning committee meeting, held on Wednesday, September 16, Julie Kothari, who lives in the village, said: “We have residents in our road who have lived quite contentedly here for decades and now they are selling up and moving away.

“This is disrupting their lives and uprooting themselves from their beloved lives, homes, friends and family and community.

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“The proposed development is causing no end of anxiety and stress to everybody here. Our wellbeing will be shattered.

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“Construction will bring thousands of HGVs, making it hazardous for our children on their way to school. Land around our villages is being grabbed and developed at an alarming rate. Is profit more important to you?”

The parish council also said there were “serious concerns” over highways access and safety.

Labour councillor Tony Wright said: “Sometimes you have to say enough is enough and we have to stand up for that.

“There are concerns from the residents. I know the area and once you add one road to another.

“This is outside the planning area - there are concerns for wildlife and questions as far as highways are concerned.”

And Geoffrey Freeman, Conservative councillor for Ormesby, said: “We would like to get an application we can support.

“I would support that this application is deferred so we can reassure residents.”

But Labour group leader Trevor Wainwright said: “Could we add a condition saying something has to be done within 12 months? We do need two-bedroom houses all across the borough. Could we negotiate with the developer?

“We owe something to these young people from the villages.”

Planning committee chairman Carl Freeman said: “We should defer so we can get more details and look at it properly. There are some unanswered questions.”

Councillors voted in favour of deferral with two votes against.

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