7 things you may have missed in Great Yarmouth since lockdown

Liberty's Bar with a new statue of liberty at the top.

Liberty's bar currently being decorated and with a new addition to the entrance. - Credit: James Weeds

There are changes aplenty as the town looks to bounce back from lockdown lows.

Monday, April 12, saw many businesses reopen following the second step of the Government's roadmap out of lockdown.

There have been some closures, some renovations, and many more new shops emerging as the town fights back.


Yarmouth market place dug up.

Work on the new Market Place is well and truly underway. - Credit: James Weeds

Market Place

The £3.5m renovation of the market place, which will see the building of a new steel and wood indoor market, is now under way.

The diggers have moved in and trenches can be seen at various edges of the development plot.

Liberty's Bar, King Street

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Another long term bar of King Street, Liberty's is currently undergoing renovation work.

The painters have been working throughout the week to make sure the gloss is glowing, and a new addition has been added to the bar exterior.

A model replica of the Statue of Liberty is waiting to welcome patrons when it re-opens.


Dish of cooked meats, lemons and herbs.

Fresh shawarma on a plate. - Credit: Azad Ali

Great Yarmouth Shawarma, King Street

Standing along King Street in the old Thorntons unit is a new fast-food restaurant which opened on April 1. 

Great Yarmouth Shawarma owner, Karzan Baqhi said: "Before we moved here, we ran a restaurant in Norwich.

"We wanted to open the first shawarma restaurant in Great Yarmouth, so we decided now was a good time to do that," Mr Baqui added.

"Business is good, every day has been busy."

Azad Ali, an employee at Great Yarmouth Shawarma, cooking chicken.

Azad Ali, an employee at Great Yarmouth Shawarma, cooking chicken. - Credit: James Weeds

New store front for Kierran's Home Store

Kierran's home Store is the first business to use the old Adams unit for 11 years. - Credit: James Weeds

Mr Baqui also explained what the difference was between a regular doner kebab and shawarma, "doner is made with lamb mince, whereas shawarma is made with lamb breast.

"Every morning, we make the shawarma, whereas doner is usually frozen, so shawarma is fresher."

Also available is sea bass, burgers, chips, and baklava.

Cakes in a box

Eloise's cakes&bakes have many sweet treats for sale. - Credit: E. Alby and L. Simmons

Eloise's cakes&bakes, 55/56 Victoria Arcade

A new bakery has opened in Victoria Arcade.

Eloise's cakes&bakes owners, Eloise Alvey and Luke Simmons, began selling sweet treats for delivery throughout the lockdowns.

Miss Alvey said: "We've been busy, really busy.

"A lot better than we thought, and we've had a lot of regulars from our previous home delivery service which we did throughout the lockdowns."

Mr Simmons said: "The delivery service was popular, and a lot of our customers encouraged us to open a shop."

"So we thought we'd do it," Miss Alvey said.

They have various cakes and other baked goods for sale, but the old school sponge and chocolate oaty are very popular.

New store front for Kierran's Home Store

Kierran's home Store is the first business to use the old Adams unit for 11 years. - Credit: James Weeds

Kierran's Home Store, King Street

Kierran's Home Store has been operating in Great Yarmouth for over 13 years. During that time, it has had several shops located down different rows.

However, Kierran's new location, in King Street, is the first business to operate in the old Adam's unit in eleven years.

Two employees measuring carpet.

Nathan and Rhys - two employees of Kierran's Home Store - measuring carpet for a customer. - Credit: James Weeds

There has been some essential renovation work carried out, and the shop's owner - who did not wish to be named - said: "We moved from Market Row last July to here. It took us a while to get sorted, but we are open.

"We also have Martha's tearoom which will open on the first floor of the unit on May 17, 2021."

New clothing store on King Street.

2nd Clothing on King Street sells clothes for £2 or less. - Credit: James Weeds

2nd Clothing, King Street

Budget clothing is essential for many residents of the borough. 2nd Clothing, in King Street, has multiple pieces all for £2 and under.

Shop owner, Malcolm Robbins, has been in the unit for three years.

"We thought if we open a clothes shop with items for £2 and under, it will help us out, and help the town out," he said.

Malcolm Robbins in a mask bottle feeding a baby.

Malcolm Robbins, owner of 2nd Clothing, wants to do something positive for the town. - Credit: James Weeds

"In between lockdowns, it has been open and shut several times specialising in different things. It's been a struggle."

Mr Robbins continued: "We're trying to remain positive and to do something positive for the town."