New thrill ride arrives at seaside theme park

Pendulum at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

A new thrill ride at Great Yarmouth's Pleasure Beach is not for the faint hearted combing vertigo-inducing drops while being spun at the same time. - Credit: supplied by Pleasure Beach

A seaside theme park is getting into the swing of a new season with a new ride.

Pendulum has arrived on site at Great Yarmouth's Pleasure Beach adding a new thrill ride attraction to the mix which includes traditional gallopers and waltzers.

The ride has come direct from Dreamland in Margate, Kent, where park operators there have decided to go down the heritage route.

Pleasure Beach boss Albert Jones said it was an "exciting" addition that chimed with what customers said they wanted.

Albert Jones, MD of Yarmouth's Pleasure Beach. Pic: Archant

Albert Jones says more than £1m has been invested in rides at the Pleasure Beach over the last three years.

"It is one of the best thrill rides we have had. We are trying to reach a family audience and the height restriction is not massive which will allow more people to ride it.

"It is on site now and came from Margate. It was made in 2018 but only operated for about six months because of Covid. They had six rides up for sale and we were fortunate to be able to buy this one.

"It is not replacing anything, it is adding to our offer and it is a thrill ride."

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach reopened on July 11, and daytime sessions have been selling out so far

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, famous for its wooden roller coaster will reopen in March 2022 with a new thrill ride, Pendulum. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

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Mr Jones said over £1m had been invested in new rides over the last three years.

Pendulum involves people sitting in a gondola at the end of a long arm rotating as it swings, and gradually building up enough momentum to do a full 360 degree turn.

The thing that makes it most terrifying is not the speed but how slowly it turns, the riders held high in the air dangling until it builds up momentum again and drops down.

Dreamland described it as feeling like candyfloss twisted and twirled on the stick.

It's website said: "This exhilarating ride will leave you totally scrambled. Is that land, sea or sky you’re looking at? Who cares?" 

Anyone wanting to ride must be over 1.25m

"We do surveys and are always trying to bring rides that our customers are wanting, but it is not always easy," Mr Jones added.

"This is a great ride for the Pleasure Beach."

The park is due to open on the last Saturday in March. The new ride will be positioned up the southern end.