Mystery mural found in back street sparks hunt for artist

Mural Great Yarmouth

This eye-catching mural in a tucked-away backstreet is drawing applause from people who are just discovering it. - Credit: submitted

With its bright colours and blue skies an eye-catching mural is brightening up a back street in Great Yarmouth.

Spelling out the name of the town in giant letters, the scene celebrates the seaside - just at a time when we need cheering up.

It was spotted by a local resident out for his daily stroll, down a back street rarely seen by those milling about on the Golden Mile just a stone's throw away.

He said: "I had never seen it before and have no idea how long it has been there.

"But it really is quite eye-catching and just shows what creativity we have in the town."

During the pandemic many people have turned to art from posting rainbows in windows and painting their houses brick  by brick.

Banksy-style creations depicting angelic-medics with halo's above their heads have even sprung up on ground in one Norfolk town close to a vaccination centre.

Kerry Robinson-Payne, whose council ward includes the back street where the mural has appeared close to the Pub on the Prom, said that people were talking about the artwork and sharing photographs on social media, although she did not know how long it had been there or who was behind it.

A colourful mural by John Dashwood close to the Time and Tide Museum in Well Road, Great Yarmouth.

A colourful mural by John Dashwood close to the Time and Tide Museum in Well Road, Great Yarmouth. - Credit: Archant

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Other notable murals in the town include John Dashwood's Dickensian characters at the top of Regent Road, and a depiction of Lord Nelson in York Road.

He also painted on the outside of buildings in Cobholm, by the side of the Time and Tide Museum and at the back of Palmers in an effort to lift neighbourhoods and to encourage people to enjoy their surroundings and value them.

A mural by the Silent Hobo was commissioned to trace Yarmouth's history on hoardings for St George's Theatre when it was being restored, part of it is on display under Market Gates near the Troll Cart pub.

In 2013 a 70m long mural was unveiled at the town's Vauxhall Station telling the story of transport and taking inspiration from the sunsets over Breydon Bridge to inform its palette of orange and red hues.

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