“We’re big kids at heart.” Newly weds take a spin on Great Yarmouth’s iconic Joyland snails

Newly weds Bertie and Nikki outside Great Yarmouth's Joyland fun park. Picture: Victoria Pertusa

Newly weds Bertie and Nikki outside Great Yarmouth's Joyland fun park. Picture: Victoria Pertusa - Credit: Archant

A newly married couple have recreated their first date on Great Yarmouth’s iconic Joyland snails.

Visitors to the resort’s popular attraction yesterday may have been a little shell-shocked to see a bride and groom joining them on the seafront ride but it was all in the name of love as newly weds Nikki and Bertie Moy took a spin on them for old time’s sake.

The couple, who met online, had their first date on a Joyland snail ride on July 30 2013.

Mr and Mrs Moy came to the attraction yesterday afternoon straight from saying their vows at Great Yarmouth Town Hall, where David Pottle, Mrs Moy’s father, walked her down the aisle dressed as Father Christmas.

The couple queued with other funfair goers to enjoy a ride on their favourite green snail and recreate their very first date.

Mrs Moy, who was also celebrating her 50th birthday, explained why they had chosen the snails as the location for their first meeting saying: “We met online and I said to Bertie that if we do meet it will have to be on the snails because then if it’s not a good date at least I’ve been on the snails. But it turned out to be the perfect day.

“He wasn’t like anybody I had dated before and I just knew I had made the right choice.”

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Mrs Moy, who works in Sainsbury’s in the town, said her family had not been surprised when the couple shared their wedding day plans. She said: “They weren’t actually surprised because they know we are a little bit crazy. We’re big kids at heart.”

Mr Moy, 48, who works Sainsbury’s in Norwich, said: “Each year we come on the snails on the anniversary of our first date, and we always get the green one because that was the one we went on the first time.”

Mr Pottle, 73, said: “The wedding was great, all I can say is that as a family we don’t stick to the usual.”

Following their ride on the snails the couple and wedding guests headed to the King’s Arm for their wedding reception.