Ninja Turtles crime-fighting vehicle heading for Yarmouth!

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pic stories 0507 - Credit: Archant

Nickelodeon is putting the pedal to the floor this summer, as it brings the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ultimate crime-fighting vehicle to life in Great Yarmouth.

The Shellraiser Tour, in association with Sky Go, is visiting Asda Great Yarmouth on Sunday to give youngsters the chance to become a qualified ninja!

Youngsters can battle mutant ooze and get into character, with the chance to try out Turtles toys and accessories. They can complete Dojo Ninja training with a movie stun man, and learn non-contact martial arts moves just like the Turtles use to defend New York city from the Foot Clan. Then they will have the chance to enter the Turtles TV powered by Sky Go area, where they will be able to pick up an iPad to learn everything you have ever wanted to know about the heroes in a half-shell. Finally, they can climb onboard the Shellraiser and take a tour of the vehicle itself to be awarded official ninja status.

The incredible Shellraiser took 62 days to build, involved 19 litres of paint and more than 150 slices of pizza were consumed throughout construction.

To find out more details visit or watch Turtles every weekend at 8.30am on Nicktoons.