Norfolk man who overate to cope with stress of coming out appears on reality TV show

Racheal and Sol Crane, from Gorleston, appeared on a Channel 5 reality TV show in Tuesday (May 28).

Racheal and Sol Crane, from Gorleston, appeared on a Channel 5 reality TV show in Tuesday (May 28). Picture: Submitted. - Credit: Archant

A Norfolk man who started overeating after coming out as gay has lost two stone on a reality TV show.

'It's Your Fault I'm Fat' is a series broadcast on Channel 5 which follows teenagers who work with their families to shed the pounds they are desperate to lose.

The kids say their parents are to blame for their weight problems.

Sol Crane and his mother Racheal, who live on Shrublands Estate in Gorleston, were the subjects of this week's episode.

Sol, a nursery practitioner, said that the show's producers first contacted him in January through his Instagram account where he had been posting pictures of his progress at Slimming World.

"I thought it wasn't real," he said.

But after speaking with the show's runners over the phone he was convinced the proposition was genuine and started debating whether or not to appear on the programme.

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"Eventually I decided to take myself out of my comfort zone and do it," he said.

Sol explained that he started overeating six years ago after having decided to tell his family and friends he is gay, and turned to food for comfort during a stressful time.

"I had that weight on my shoulders," he said.

He would go to the shop after tea and buy chocolate, cakes and sweets.

The stress and subsequent overeating were then compounded a year later when his mother's son, Max, was stillborn.

Racheal Crane, 42, said her son felt that a part of his mother had died and that she "didn't care about food and healthy eating".

Sol said that her depression affected him and his overeating intensified.

"The idea of the programme is to blame the parents," Racheal said.

In the show mother and son go on a specially tailored juice diet with Sol eating 1,200 calories a day compared to 4,000.

Sol said that having a TV crew in the house was a "bit crazy" and "quite intense" with three cameras and a director crowded in the kitchen.

Diet-wise, he said, it went really well.

"I was quite determined for the whole thing and I lost two stone," he added.

The episode aired on Channel 5 on Tuesday (May 28) at 9pm.

Ms Crane said the response has been "all positive".

"We are both so pleased with how our journey was portrayed," she said.