Food review: The vegan 'fakeaway' catching attention on Instagram

The Porto Burger from Nuts About Plants.

The Porto Burger from Nuts About Plants. - Credit: Nuts About Plants

I think we can all agree it's been a long winter and spring, so far, isn't pulling too much out of the bag.

The one thing we can get excited about is food.

And one of the few positives of lockdown is the proliferation of new food options as creative chefs step in to add a bit of fun and flavour while we are still stuck at home.

Nuts About Plants vegan takeaway Norfolk

A Nuts About Plants vegan takeaway all ready to be unboxed but can be eaten on the go from containers. - Credit: Liz Coates

For me Instagram has been a great place to explore this explosion of entrepreneurism, often lead by women at home with children.

So, as we battened down the hatches for another windswept weekend, we set about ordering from Nuts About Plants (not a place to buy trailing lobelia or evergreens as I first thought).

Vegan dishes in a rainbow of colours that Timmy Mallet would deem too much had been popping up on my feed for weeks alongside people posing with healthy shakes and thanking 'Hayley' for all the delicious fayre I was missing out on.

There's not a lot of choice, which for me is always a hallmark of something fresh and made with care and all the Google reviews were five star.

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Food isn't even available every day and there is a rolling menu featuring Lebanese and Ramen dishes and numerous smoothies and drinks that all looked amazing.

On Friday there was a choice of a burger or wrap with various sides.

The Porto Burger from Nuts About Plants.

The Porto Burger from Nuts About Plants. - Credit: Nuts About Plants

The Porto Burger was described as smoked vegan cheese stuffed into a panko crumbed Portobello mushroom with home-made ranch or Sriracha mayo with home-made dill pickles in a brioche bun.

Meanwhile the Zinger Wrap sounded equally delicious with oyster mushrooms coated in a zinger spice mix then air fried.

The Zinger wrap from Nuts About Plants.

The Zinger wrap from Nuts About Plants. - Credit: Nuts About Plants

There were a variety of sides including probiotic slaw, kimchi, wedges, the sauces and lots of smoothies and shakes.

We ordered over WhatsApp (a new thing for me, no more menus pinned to the fridge) and arranged to pick it up from a house in Bradwell - around a 20 minute drive from where we live - at 5pm.

When I arrived Hayley (who, it turns out, is a mum-of-one who has just moved back from Dubai after 15 years where she had a vegan restaurant) was still packing my order which was fine and we chatted a bit (long-distance - me bellowing down the hallway from the doorstep) as she put it all together and explained what was what.

As a greedy sort I was delighted to see numerous large looking packages being loaded into paper-bags, all pleasingly eco-friendly, but I had to drive home with the heating on full-blast to keep the food as hot as possible (whether this works as a strategy I have no idea).

Anyway, back at home, husband having been instructed to warm plates, it was time to unpack.

It's no exaggeration to say this was quite an event generating an almost festive excitement because we rarely have takeaways.

This is largely because they take too long, and we could probably rustle up something better ourselves - so the stakes were high and potential judgement severe.

The first test was portion-size, and I'm pleased to say there was plenty.

We ordered a portion of wedges each, and the servings of slaw and kimchi were generous and looked beautiful with their glossy, bright hues.

The burger was absolutely bursting with flavour and the texture was awesome - moist without being soggy or overly messy - and certainly the best of its kind we have ever eaten.

There was a definite crunch from the pickles and there was so much going on it was hard to say where the mushroom ended and everything else started.

I loved the slaw also and although I tried with the kimchi (I really want to be a proper grown-up and like it) fermented cabbage really isn't for me, sadly.

The slaw from Nuts About Plants.

The slaw from Nuts About Plants. - Credit: Nuts About Plants

My 15-year-old daughter who eyes pretty much everything I put in front of her with suspicion and a scowl ate her wrap uncomplainingly even though she doesn't even like mushrooms, which is high praise in her book.

We all pushed the boat out and had a shake.

I absolutely loved my 'Delightful Turkish' which was infused with rose essential oil. My husband went for the orange-flavoured 'Terry's' which he enjoyed although it's not normally his thing, but the vegan take on a 'Snickers' shake proved "too peanutty" for my daughter (but I was happy to finish it off).

One of the shakes on offer at Nuts About Plants.

One of the shakes on offer at Nuts About Plants. Pictured is the Snickers flavour. - Credit: Nuts About Plants

Another time I think I would try one of the  juices or smoothies.

Overall you are literally having a professional chef cook for you in their own home , which is amazing and a fantastic addition to the food offering in the Great Yarmouth area.

We were stuffed full for the whole night. Can't argue with the flavours and can't wait to try something else too.


For the three of us our total bill came to £56, so not super-cheap but you get what you pay for.

All the food is completely home-made and vegan and comes in eco-friendly packaging so no bursting bin full of rubbish when you have finished which is another thing that puts me off.

The burger was £7 and the wrap £6, sides are £3 - so all reasonable.

The thing that pushed it up was was the shakes at £6 each, and I know plenty of people pop by just for one of those.

Overall I would say restaurant quality food so not to be baulked at.


Hayley quickly responded over WhatsApp and was happy to answer any questions using a sprinkling of emojis which I always think comes across as warm and friendly.

You could pay in advance via a bank transfer (which I did) or pay cash on the doorstep.

She was lovely in person and chatty during the handover, clearly delighted her vegan food is going down so well in an area not renowned for its hipster vibe.


Definitely the burger, it was more substantial than the wrap and really was delicious.


We are not vegan but lean that way so it was really great to find something we can enjoy that doesn't cost the Earth in all senses.

Irrespective of whether it was meat and dairy free it was enjoyable, tasty food clearly made with love and care.

Find Nuts About Plants on Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp via 07568632384, and she does gift vouchers too.

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