'I want to help as many people as I can' - Caister student's song for mental health

Oliver Cordt

Oliver Cordt wants to help as many people as possible with his music. - Credit: Oliver Cordt

A college student from Caister has released a song about mental health awareness as he aims to help as many people as he can with his music.

East Coast College student, Oliver Cordt has written and produced a song about his struggles with mental health and to reassure listeners that they are not alone.

Mr Cordt, 18, performs under the name OhSee and has produced a hiphop track titled Meant to Me, which is available on Spotify.

The artist said: "With this song I took an opportunity to express my own feelings and some things I had been struggling with.

"I want people to hear the song and if they are going through anything then hopefully they can learn that they are not alone and it will be okay.

"Also I feel as though people my age are not taken seriously when it comes to mental health, especially being a guy."

Mr Cordt, who is also a former student of Caister Academy, said that his dream is to be a music artist performing on the biggest stages possible.

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"My goal however is to help as many people as I can with my music," Mr Cordt added.

The student said that he has received a lot of positive support for the song.

"They think it sounds like something they would hear on the radio," he said.

Oliver Cordt

Oliver Cordt, 18, has released a song entitled Meant to Me about his mental health. - Credit: Oliver Cordt

Mr Cordt said he continues to write songs and is preparing more tracks to be released.

He is currently not scheduled to perform his music anywhere, but he said "if the opportunity comes up I would love to take it."

When asked to give advice for aspiring musicians, Mr Cordt offered: "I would say to go for it.

"It is an amazing feeling when you release a piece of music you are truly proud of."

Live music has made a return to the town, with The Empire hosting regular sessions for local artists.

The Jay family, the building's owners, hope that this can be the start of new era in the Great Yarmouth music scene.

Peter Jay said: "We have some incredible musicians in this area. 

"We just hope this can become a new exciting landmark venue for bands to come and play."