Therapy Centre celebrates first year in business

Rachael Farrow (centre), and the Oils4life Therapy Centre team

Rachael Farrow (centre), and the Oils4life Therapy Centre team - Credit: Archant

Oils4life launched in 2003 with one objective in mind: “to sell high-quality aromatic products at a great price”, and through 16 years in business, that goal has never changed.

The therapy centre has a spa like feel to it

The therapy centre has a spa like feel to it - Credit: Archant

Oils4life supplies premium natural and organic oils, cosmetic bases and aromatherapy products to individuals, hobbyists, training organisations, professional therapists and retailers through its online store.

In 2016 Oils4life Therapies was launched, allowing the business to offer customers in-house holistic and beauty therapies, including Swedish massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, HOPI ear candling, chiropractic services and many more.

These treatments proved so popular that, in June 2018, Oils4life purchased large premises near Great Yarmouth and opened Oils4life Therapy Centre, which has also become the hub for the ecommerce branch of the business.

After an intensive three months of renovation, in which the site was refurbished to a high standard to ensure Oils4life could offer bespoke treatments in a comfortable environment, the centre opened in September of last year.

The Oils4life Therapy Centre is currently located on Gapton Hall Road

The Oils4life Therapy Centre is currently located on Gapton Hall Road - Credit: Archant

"We are extremely proud of what we have created at Oils4life Therapy Centre, and together with our therapists and staff, we will go from strength to strength," says Rachael Farrow, owner and managing director.

After 16 years of trading, Oils4life has built up an enviable reputation as both a seller of high-end aromatic and natural skin care products and as a therapy centre - but, like many great companies, the business had humble beginnings.

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"When we first started the business we knew that if we didn't do it then, then we never would, which drove us on. Even though the timing wasn't perfect due to number of factors, we took the plunge," says Rachael.

The early days of Oils4life were much like any new start-up. The business took shape out of a spare-bedroom before moving to a slightly-more spacious garage once business started booming.

When the website first launched in September 2003 it had 30 essential oils, six base oils and a range of candles, wax melts, incense and oil burners available for purchase.

Today, Oils4life stocks more than 250 essential oils, organic oils, fragrances, aromatherapy synergies and blended massage oils as well as a broad range of natural and organic cosmetic bases such as creams, lotions, gels, bath and shower bases.

But no matter how many products it stocks the business' philosophy has remained the same: to supply quality products at a great price, underpinned by first-class customer service.

To this effect, Oils4life price products as competitively as possible, and no distinction is made between customers who have minimal requirements and those who buy in large volumes - every customer is equally important and treated with the same care.

The Oils4life Therapy Centre was born out of a desire to help customers on a more personal basis, being able to meet them one-to-one and offer support through relaxation practices such as massage.

Rachael, who has been qualified in aromatherapy for 12 years, spear-headed the therapy centre expansion, and as this arm of the company celebrates a year in business, it's not hard to see why its sterling reputation is spreading at such a rapid rate.

The centre has a spa-like feel rather than that of a high-street beauty salon. It features luxury furniture, spacious treatment rooms, wonderful aromas and tranquil background music to complete the relaxing atmosphere.

The treatment range is expansive, including pregnancy massage, sport massage, chiropractic services and podiatry services plus everything you need to look and feel beautiful: nails, lashes, waxing, skin toning and non-surgical anti-ageing treatments including Guinot and Caci facials.

All of the centre's therapists are well trained in their respective fields of expertise and all are fully insured, so you can rest assured that you're getting the best care possible in the perfect environment.

The Oil4life Therapy Centre is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, and the website is of course available to take orders 24/7.

As part of the anniversary celebrations an open day is being held on July 13 between 11am and 3pm in order to allow customers, old and new, to visit and get a taster of everything the centre has to offer.

As for the future, there's plenty in the pipeline but Rachael remains tight lipped: "We've lots of plans for the therapy centre, but we would hate to spoil the surprise," she teases, "we're excited about the future, but also making the most of today."

Visit Oils4life Therapy Centre at Holisitc House, Unit 9 Enterprise Court, Gapton Hall Road, NR31 0ND or browse a wide selection of products online at