Olympic flame brings excitement to Winterton Primary School

OLYMPIC excitement is gathering pace at schools across the borough with news that the London 2012 torch is to visit Great Yarmouth.

Torchbearers will carry the Olympic flame through Acle, Filby and Great Yarmouth on Thursday, July 5 next year.

The torch’s 8,000 mile tour around the UK signals just how soon the likes of fastest man in the world Usain Bolt will push the limits of human endeavour on British soil.

And the magic of the Olympics has filtered its way to Winterton Primary School where children celebrated Great Yarmouth’s moment to shine.

Year 3 and 4 class teacher Hannah Grice said: “The children are very excited about the Olympics.

“We’ve made our own medals, talked about Olympic values and come up with our own opening ceremony dance in PE.

“We’ve covered the Olympics across the curriculum.”

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Youngsters aged seven to nine were visited on Monday by Great Yarmouth mayor Barry Coleman and Active Norfolk’s Olympic mascot Olly the Elephant to celebrate the Olympic torch visiting the borough.

They have been learning all about the history of the games and world geography, and say they cannot wait for next summer.

Rosie Green, aged eight, said: “I’m very excited that the Olympics is coming. I’m going to watch it on TV so I can see it more as you get really tall people in front of you if you go there.”

She added her favourite sports are swimming, dancing and gymnastics and she hopes to be able to compete at the Olympics one day.

Jack Hartley, aged eight, is going to the Olympics to watch the women’s football.

And his friend Kobe Mardon, eight is also looking forward to the Olympics.

Matilda Wager, aged eight, has enjoyed learning about the ideals that inspire athletes to greatness.

“I liked learning about the values that we have to use,” she said.