Ormesby pub plan rejected

A HOUSING development on a busy road through Ormesby has been refused after concerns about traffic safety close to a busy crossroads.

The scheme to build a pair of semi-detached houses on a corner of the former King’s Head car park on Cromer Road also drew concerns about a lack of parking when the pub reopens as an Indian restaurant on June 1. Highways Agency officials said they objected to the housing plan, and safety worries and concerns about poor visibility on the sweeping bend were paramount when the issue was discussed by development control committee members on Tuesday night.

Members were also worried about the effect on the village and viability of the new restaurant, of the limited parking – reduced to just 10 spaces when the council estimated around 35 would be required.

However Julian Gibbons, agent for the applicant, told the committee that the restaurant had not wanted to buy the whole site which was subsequently subdivided, in separate ownership, and not available for parking.

Mr Gibbons also addressed the issue of parking and turning at the two new homes which he said would be adequate with both houses sharing space at the front.

Geoff Freeman, chairman of Ormesby with Scratby Parish Council, said in its heyday the pub’s popular restaurant attracted a booming trade which regularly filled the car park, even when it included the slice of land now taken by the house at 5 Cromer Road.

He said the proximity of the busy post office, pharmacy and allotments meant that an already congested “danger zone” could only get worse, to the detriment of the village.

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The plan also opened up an old entrance that the county council insisted was closed. He said: “This is a very dangerous part of the village. Anyone who parks in the car park will block the visibility for the homes.” Trevor Wainwright said restaurants in Gorleston and Great Yarmouth managed without any parking and that most people would walk to Planet Spice.

Mr Freeman, however, said 100 spaces had been provided at the new village hall in Scratby because nobody walked anywhere these days. Committee chairman Charles Reynolds, said he was pleased to be protecting Ormesby, which falls within his borough council ward, at what was his last meeting before handing over to Ron Hanton after four years.