Ormesby teenager stays calm as accident unfolds

A TEENAGER has been praised by his parents for his quick thinking after he sprung into action to help a woman who had crashed her car.

Paul and Lisa Garrod, who live in Station Road, Ormesby St Margaret, own and run the Furzedown Hotel on North Drive in Great Yarmouth, have spoken of their pride for their son, Will, after he acted in a mature manner when the crash happened outside the hotel at around 11pm on Thursday, May 3.

His parents went to the Town Hall for the election count on Thursday, , at around 10.30pm, leaving Will and their 11-year-old daughter, Katie, at their hotel with Paul’s 85-year-old mum.

Mr Garrod was one of the candidates in the local elections.

Will, 13, explained: “I was upstairs in my bedroom at when I heard a bang.

“It sounded like bottles going in a bottle bank. I opened the window and shouted hello and someone shouted back to call an ambulance.

“I ran downstairs and outside and there were two men who knew first aid.”

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Will and the two men helped the woman driver into the hotel where Will got her a drink and a pillow and called an ambulance.

“I helped the girl up and got her a bucket because she was sick and then the ambulance turned up,” the Flegg High school pupil said.

He added: “I stayed calm all the way through, I learned it at Scouts.”

Mum Lisa revealed: “When the paramedics arrived William showed them where the casualty was and asked if they needed anything.

“William’s grandmother had also been awoken by the crash and William heard her calling out from behind her locked apartment door as to what was going on.

“He told her there had been a crash but not to worry as he was dealing with it. She then opened her door, and he took her into the bar, sat her down and asked if she needed anything.

“By this time the police had arrived and William then proceeded to ask if any of the emergency services would like a cup of tea, or if he could do anything else.”

Former councillor for Yarmouth North, Mr Garrod, who missed the count for his ward, said: “We are so proud of him he’s a good lad.

“He acted much older than his 13 years.”