WATCH: Amazing moment dog walker spots otter darting across countryside

Otter, by Ian Clarke

An otter was seen darting across the Norfolk Broads - Credit: Ian Clarke

A dog walker has captured "a one in a million" shot of an otter running across the Norfolk Broads near the Acle Straight.

Jonny Worden was by the Berney Arms with his partner Tara and two dogs when an otter ran past them.

Mr Worden, from east Norwich, quickly grabbed his phone to catch the surprising moment the mammal darted past them on Sunday.

The otter was filmed by Jonny Worden by the Berney Arms

The otter was filmed by Jonny Worden by the Berney Arms - Credit: Jonny Worden

He said: "I often walk from Halvergate to the Berney Arms and have never seen an otter out on land before.

"It ran out and then jumped into some long grass.

"I think it was a million to one chance of seeing that and I don't think I will see an otter out in the wild like that again."

Otters prefer the quiet waterways on the Norfolk Broads. Their numbers have bounced back since the 1950s, when their population had declined catastrophically according to Norfolk Wildlife Trust.