Out There Festival 2021 begins today

Out There sign

Out There festival is expected to bring tens of thousands of people to Great Yarmouth. - Credit: James Weeds

With washing lines full of Victorian clothing and butterfly sculptures scattered on trees throughout St George's Park the final touches are being added to the Out There Festival in Great Yarmouth.

Billed as the biggest and quirkiest free festival in the region, this year's festival is expected to receive tens of thousands of visitors from across the county and beyond, giving the local economy an expected boost of £3.1m.

Butterfly on tree.

Wooden butterflies are scattered across the park for Out There 2021. - Credit: James Weeds

Organisers say visitors can expect the same quality atmosphere, but with tweaks in operations such as some areas restricted to bookings only, and social distancing measures.

The festival will kick off in St George's Park at 6pm tonight (Friday) with DJ’s spinning sonic cocktails, giant singing puppet lips, a special festival ale brewed by Lacons brewery and tipples from Gonzo’s Tearoom. There will also be food trucks selling street food favourites.

For people based near Cobholm, the party starts a little earlier where there will be a pre-party taking place at The Lady Haven.

Puppet with Guts and Circo Rum Ba Ba will perform as a pre-party warm up, then wander down Mill Road to destination ‘Cobholm Island Beach Party’ near the Cobholm Basketball Court.

seating for events.

Some events will require pre-booking, but there will be much to see. - Credit: James Weeds

There will be live music from local bands, visual artists, special performances, a skateboarding skill showcase, workshops, onsite vendors and a beach-themed tiki bar.

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Over the weekend, Big Foot Michael from the Borough of Silly Ideas will be travelling around the town to encourage people to walk more, Clare and Lotte will be in the Poetry Shack, where visitors can order takeaway poems and there will be people riding snails as part of the insect circus.

The Drill House on York Road will also be the official festival lounge, offering an indoor space with pitches and musical performances.

A gate

A multicoloured gate welcomes people to the festival. - Credit: James Weeds

The Out There festival will take place over the weekend from noon until around 9pm on both nights.

There will be another party in the park on Sunday evening from 7pm which will cap the event off.

For more information, view the full schedule here.

What people thought

Clive Jackson

Clive Jackson feels Out There is a great way of attracting more visitors to the town. - Credit: James Weeds

Clive Jackson, who was enjoying the sunshine in St George's Park, said: "I think it's very good.

"It should bring people into the town.

"I'll be looking around and I reckon I will enjoy everything.

"Looks good for people of all ages."

Joyce Prior

Joyce Prior goes every year and is never disappointed. - Credit: James Weeds

Joyce Prior, who was with her friends, Allen and Vivian Bran, said: "We've been every year since it started.

"It's always been wonderful.

"I'll definitely be checking it out over the weekend.

"My dad was a tightrope walker many moons ago.

"I definitely won't be getting involved though."

Helen Blackwell

Helen Blackwell thought the ornaments around St George's Park looked great. - Credit: James Weeds

Helen Blackwell, from West Yorkshire, said: "I think it's a great idea.

"What we've seen so far looks really good.

"We're pleased with the layout."

Carol Cray

Carol Cray and her husband, Dave, thought the first Out There was excellent. - Credit: James Weeds

Carol Cray was smiling as she saw the festival's final touches being put together. Mrs Cray said: "Me and my husband Dave thought the first one was excellent.

"We’ll be checking it out to see what’s on offer.

"Hopefully it will be even better than before."

Beer tent.

Lacons will be returning to provide the beers for Out There. - Credit: James Weeds

Castings of Victorian clothing.

St George's Park has been decorated with all things seaside for Out There 2021. - Credit: James Weeds

A tree with a lights.

The trees inside St George's Park are decorated ahead of the Out There Festival. - Credit: James Weeds


Caravan pitches will be selling merchandise and mementos around the festival. - Credit: James Weeds