Owners fined for dog fouling

AFTER a series of recent prosecutions, a further two dog owners have been fined for failing to clear up their animals’ mess.

In May, Mick Calver of Hall Road, Hopton, was seen by an environmental ranger not removing excrement after his dog fouled on Upper Esplanade, Gorleston.

Last month, Calver entered a guilty plea at Great Yarmouth Magistrates Court and received a fine of �115 and costs of �70.

Adrian Ware of Kimberly Terrace, Yarmouth, was given a conditional discharge and costs of �140 after he was convicted of being in charge of a dog which had defecated on North Denes Beach.

Both cases were bought by Great Yarmouth Borough Council and follow a series of recent convictions which saw five people fined for the offence.

Borough council Cabinet member for environment Jim Shrimplin said: “There is strong public opinion about the issue of dog fouling – it is not only anti-social but could be potentially hazardous especially to young children.

“The council takes the problem very seriously and, as in this case, will prosecute if we get relevant information about offenders.”