Dispute over cost of staging village fete sees event scrapped

The family friendly event will not take place this year Photo: Anthony Oli

The family friendly event will not take place this year Photo: Anthony Oliver - Credit: Anthony Oliver

A popular fete has been cancelled following a dispute between the organisers and the parish council.

Bradwell Community Fete was due to take place on Saturday, July 21, at Green Lane playing field.

But organisers took the decision to cancel the fete on Tuesday, July 10, citing the “astronomical cost” of hiring the field.

An email sent from the Bradwell Parish Council clerk, Jeremy Caborn, to the organisers stated that a cheque for £250 should be sent to the council to cover the use of changing rooms, wear and tear of the field and additional hours paid to the council caretaker to unlock and lock the gates.

Writing on their Facebook page, the organisers explained why they had taken the decision to cancel the event.

The post said: “This is not a decision we have taken lightly but we have had a number of factors working against the running of the fete since we took over the organising.

“Unfortunately, monies promised the fete have been less than promised and despite numerous meetings with the parish council regarding running the fete on Green Lane, never once had they mentioned the astronomical cost of hiring the field.

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“We had intended to keep it community based offering free entertainment and low cost stalls to ensure the day was a success and affordable for families.

“Since this is now not achievable we feel that despite our efforts to move the fete forward it’s been the parish council’s intention for this not to go ahead. We are genuinely sorry to all stall holders.”

But Mr Caborn said despite originally meeting in March, it took until June to successfully arrange a follow up meeting to discuss details of the event with organiser, Shane Hynes.

Mr Caborn said: “We worked out a fee that we needed to charge to cover the expenses we would incur for the event.

“We notified him of the fee via email but he didn’t pick it up so I called him on the Tuesday (10) and he made an immediate decision to cancel the event there and then. He did not come back to us and ask if we could charge a bit less, it was an immediate reaction. It was him that cancelled the fete, not us.”

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