Penguins p-p-p-progressing well

GREAT Yarmouth Sea Life Centre has released the first official picture of penguin chicks Tilly and Pitcher, now five weeks old.

Staff are delighted by the progress of the two youngsters, the first born at the centre and the first offspring for devoted parents Mumbles and Woody.

Named after their equally devoted human guardian – displays supervisor Christine ‘Tilly’ Pitcher – they are still being cared for in a makeshift nest close to the exit door from the enclosure.

Mumbles and Woody have spurned specially provided nest-boxes and made their own arrangements.

“For first time parents they are doing a marvellous job,” said Christine.

“They are taking their parental duties very seriously, regurgitating food for them at regular intervals and making sure at least one of them is in attendance at all times.”

Christine and her team will be watching anxiously for the next three months, until the chicks get their adult plumage, to make sure they don’t try and go for a swim.

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“Without their adult feathers a dip in the penguin pool would be far too chilly for them, but Mumbles and Woody seem to know exactly what they are doing and we’re sure they will keep the chicks away from the water until it is safe for them to earn their water-wings,” said Christine.

Similarly, with the summer season fast approaching and the beaches becoming busier and busier, the staff at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre would like every parent, not just penguins, to be extra vigilant of their children around the water.

“Beaches are fun places and a great place to be on a summer’s day but they are not without their dangers and accidents involving children and the water are creeping up slowly year by year so we would just like to urge all parents taking their children to be extra careful, just like Mumbles and Woody!”