Parents told to check Instagram accounts after “sexual comments and threats” made to school children

Parents are being asked to check Instagram accounts for a user that could compromise their children'

Parents are being asked to check Instagram accounts for a user that could compromise their children's online safety Picture: Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A school has raised concerns about an Instagram account that could be putting the online safety of its students at risk.

Flegg High Ormiston Academy in Martham has written to parents telling them about “inappropriate comments” and “requests of a sexual nature and threats” that have been made to teenagers.

Norfolk police confirmed they were aware of the issue and that officers were due to visit the academy to speak to staff and obtain further details.

The letter to parents said: “It has come to our attention that some of our students have been following an Instagram account through which inappropriate comments, requests of a sexual nature and threats have been made.

“We are currently not aware of who the account belongs to, and therefore whether it is a student or an adult.

“We have reported our concerns to the police and to CEOP (Child Online Sexual Exploitation).”

The account appeared under the name “charlielank10” which was deleted and replaced with “charlielank79”.

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It has no profile picture attached and has 35 followers.

Parents are advised to check devices to ensure that they are not following anyone of concern or with the account name at the centre of the investigation.

They are also asked to remind children they should block anyone they do not know or have concerns about, and report any concerns to a trusted adult.

Anyone with specific concerns regarding requests or threats made to a child should contact the police on 101 (crime reference NC-19032019-252) and report the concern through CEOP.

Instagram is a Facebook-owned social media site launched ten years ago.